john mogi - Code samples

OpsSchool tech challenge

Solved 5 challanges involving vagrant, ssh ...

For this challange you have to understand not only vagrant and comminication between 2 "vagrant servers", you also need to solve some network riddles and also rewire ssh connection between the two servers for seamless integration. needed : bash scripting, hosts file and ip assignment etc.

anonymous Devops task

Vagrant deploy Hello world with flask

in this task I learned: bash scripting, vmbox - Vagrant and Python Flask, also to chain deploy command- neat!

Angular Redux Web Store

deployed Angular (TypeScript)

Angular, Redux, NodeJS, Mysql

this is a full blown ecommerce angular site I built and devised from scratch. do not watch it in mobile - I'll soon update it (:
you can use the following login details:
password: 123456

The Vacations Project

deployed react (TypeScript)

React, Redux, NodeJS, Mysql

a part from digital ocean deploy on a real mysql server with nginx and a deployment script - this cute fictional vacation site pulls user and preferences

Elementor (wp) plugin

this was a test I passed to an anonymous company

a simple plugin to hook into elementor forms, send data via a webhook and do some demo calculations.

The Task project todo app

a todo tasks list

The Dungeon Game concept

In this project I tried to emulate 6 dice rolls, characters and monsters generation and board construction.

Bitoin Project crypto app

This project needs to be reconstructed,

coming soon,

you can see the milestone anyhow

Updated Code samples:

In the following code base I will showcase my work, code samples etc. You're

invited to press on the grey under the hood buttons

for each project to see the code.